How to submit for Conference Proceedings



The templates below relate only to the publications in Conference Proceedings. For publications in Special Issues please follow the instructions as stated in each of journal's websites.


Step 1 - abstract submission


The whole submission and review process takes place online. Therefore, in order to submit your paper, you should first register online to the conference information system at by choosing an option "I will participate with full paper, published in Conference Proceedings" or "I will participate with an abstract or extended abstract (published in conference proceedings)".


Document should be named Paperkeyword-A-MLTIIM17.docx (for example Sustainability-A-MLTIIM17.docx). 



Please click here for (extended) abstract proceedings instruction.  


In case the abstract fits the conference theme, the participant is issued the Confirmation of Abstract Acceptance.


Step 2 - full paper submission


For full paper submission, please name your document Paperkeyword-FP-MLTIIM17.docx (for example Sustainability-FP-MLTIIM17.docx). 



Please click here for the full paper proceedings instruction.  


Every full paper will be double-blind reviewed. Author receives two reviews of the submitted paper, which include information if submitted contribution needs any improvements in order to be included in Conference Proceedings.


In case of acceptance the author receives the Confirmation of Acceptance, which clearly states that the contribution is accepted into the conference programme. 


Step 2 - revised paper submission


Submit the full (revised) paper, taking into account both reviews. By submitting the full paper you confirm that you have read the registration policy and that you will present the submitted paper at the conference.


For revised full paper submission, please use the same name of the attachment as used in step 2.


Each submitted paper must have at least one unique author. That is, if you wish to submit more than one paper, each of the additional papers must have at least one co-author who is not the co-author of any other paper submitted to MakeLearn & TIIM 2017. Please also note that you have to pay one participation fee per each accepted paper in the programme.


Check again if your paper is edited according to proceedings' instructions (please click here).


Only full papers will be published in Conference Proceedings. If you have changed the abstract in the revised paper, only new version of the abstract will be published in Conference Proceedings.

MakeLearn & TIIM 2017 Conference Proceedings will be published by the International Academic Publisher ToKnowPress under the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License.



All papers will be freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers. Readers will be allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of all papers.


Copyright for all papers published in MakeLearn & TIIM 2017 Conference Proceedings is held by individual authors. Licence of Copyright.


Summary table



MakeLearn & TIIM Conference Proceedings

Sponsored Journals



Extended abstract

Full paper for conference


Scientific paper in sponsored journals

Number of words





Journal regulations

(only the abstract will be published in Conference Proceedings, whereas the full paper will be published in the proposed Special Issue)

Number of characters with spaces (including reference list, excluding appendices)



Number of pages (including reference list, excluding appendices)

Up to 1



Text with 2-3 paragraphs

Keywords: 4-7

Text with more paragraphs

Keywords: 4-7


Keywords: 4-7


Theoretical framework




Possibility for publishing in scientific journals

YES, the full paper could be sent to journal

YES, the full paper could be sent to journal

NO, this paper has already been published in Conference Proceedings




If you have any question regarding the submission procedure please write us an e-mail at


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