Other Publishing Opportunities

MakeLearn & TIIM conference heavily emphasises conference publications. In additon to Conference Proceedings, participants have a possibility to publish within the options indicated below. Participants indicate their interest by selecting the option "full paper (published in selected sponsored scientific journal or monograph)" at their registration.


Option A: Thematic Issues from several distinguished, international, refereed journals in their respective topics. List of thematic issues of journals and their topics is available in the table below.


Option B: ToKnowPress monographs (topic and content of the monograph will be related to the title of the conference Management Challenges in the Network Economy).


Thematic Issue or ToKnowPress Monograph

Title of Thematic Issue or ToKnowPress monograph

Guest Editor(s)


Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska, sectio H - Oeconomia 

Note for Polish participants:

Punkty MNiSW 2016: 11

Dr. Anna Rakowska


International Journal of Managmeent, Knowledge and Learning Transitions in management of knowledge, technology, and business in a network economy
Dr. Matti Muhos management of knowledge, knowledge resources, technology, business challenges, networking, change management etc.
Journal „Handel Wewnętrzny"

Note for Polish participants:

Punkty MNiSW 2016: 12

Dr. Marcin Lipowski market, marketing and management issues
Kwartalnik Naukowy "Organizacja i Zarządzanie"  

Note for Polish participants:

Punkty MNiSW 2016: 9

Dr Agnieszka Sitko-Lutek managerial issues and modern management concepts
Managing digitalization: Challenges and opportunities for business Dr. Claude Meier business opportunities, digitalization, information technology, business processes etc.
Managing Global Transitions
Digital revolution: e-management in the global economy

Dr. Susana de Juana-Espinosa,

Dr. José Luis Gascó-Gascó

e-business, e-management, global economy, managing change etc.
International Journal of Synergy and Research   Multichannel system development into omnichannel strategy Dr. Marcin Lipowski
marketing, sales, marketing channels, purchase satisfaction, customers experience management, big data integration etc.
International Journal of Business Development and Research (Regular Issue) Business Challenges in a Sharing Economy Dr. Haruthai Numprasertchai
business challenges, economy, networking, sharing etc.

ToKnowPress 1
Management Challenges in a Network Economy: Creativity and Diversity in Global Education
 to be confirmed education, learning, distance learning, management in education, quality of education, European integration, EU policies in different fields, EU law, EU citizenship, oexistence, culture, religion, intercultural education, human rights, democracy, entrepreneurial learning etc.
ToKnowPress 2

Management Challenges in a Network Economy:

Business Collaboration

 to be confirmed collaboration, e-commerce management, branding, customer relation management, entrepreneurship, HRM, HRD, intergenerational cooperation, training, organisational learning, organizational behaviour, human capital management, innovation management, social networking, green technology, sustainable economy, leadership etc.
ToKnowPress 3

Management Challenges in a Network Economy:

Information Technology and Knowledge Management
 to be confirmed measuring intellectual capital, information management systems, decision support systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data systems, quality management, supply chain management, business process management and modelling, operations management, technology management, new product and service development, productivity, social media etc.

BY INVITATION ONLY (after the conference): After the finalisation of the Conference Proceedings, the authors of the best papers will be invited to remake/upgrade their papers for publication in Scopus journals. The decision who to invite will be made by the editors of these journals. After invitation, papers should be submitted in the journal submission system, and the peer-review process is followed as usual. The authors MUST (1) cite the original paper and (2) clearly note in the cover letter and the paper submission that the new submission is a significantly extended work. In addition, it is our policy that in the cover letter we also expect for the authors to provide a detailed description and full disclosure of the new and significant material in the extended paper, and ensure that the editor and reviewers can access the original pape




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