Tracks and keywords

The title of the MakeLearn & TIIM 2017 is Management Challenges in a Network Economy: Creativity and Education - Business Collaboration - Economic Activity - Information Technology.


Every paper submitted should contain at least one of the following words as listed in the sessions below.


Tracks (with keywords):



Track A: Knowledge management and information technologies (knowledge-based societies & economies, human capital, learning society, information management systems, decision support systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data systems, quality management, etc.)

Track B: Human resource management (human resources practices, intergenerational cooperation, training, organisational learning, organizational behaviour, human capital management, etc.)

Track C: Innovation (Innovation management, social networking, social media, green technology, sustainable economy, etc.)



Track D: Economics (finance, accounting, taxation, fiscal policy, labour market, etc.)

Track E: Business and Entrepreneurship (small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurial learning, etc.)

Track F: Marketing (e-commerce management, branding, customer relation management, social media, etc.)

Track L: Inspiration economy (coexistence, culture, religion, intercultural education, entrepreneurial challenges, leadership, etc.)



Track A: Information technologies (see track Management, Session A)

Track G: Production technologies (supply chain management, business process management and modelling, operations management, technology management, new product and service development, productivity)



Track H: Education and training (higher education, distance learning, learning, management in education, quality of education, etc.)



Track I: European integration and EU policies (European integration, EU policies in different fields, EU law, EU citizenship)

Track J: Labour law, employment law

Track K: Human rights, democracy

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