Explore Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022

Kaunas, the second largest Lithuania‘s city, keeps the authentic spirit of the country‘s national character alive. The city  was chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2022. And as a Capital of Culture 2022 Kaunas is changing: from the TEMPORARY CAPITAL to CONTEMPORARY. The city is famous for its Interwar architecture which was awarded the European Heritage label and is on its way to UNESCO. Kaunas is the only city in the world where so much of the style of the buildings has survived to the present day. Kaunas is a colorful city, famous by its street art, with probably the only square in the world that you can‘t get into – George Maciunas square, inspired by the FLUXUS movement.

Kaunas is proud of its great number of museums, theatres, universities, colleges, fine hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Guests can try a range of cuisine from many European and Asian countries as well as an abundance of traditional Lithuanian food, drink and hospitality. More about Kaunas sights at link and more about to city of Kaunas at link.

In 2022, Kaunas will invite to more than 300 cultural events, of which 52 major international ones will take place in Kaunas City and Kaunas District. Thus, cultural enthusiasts will have a chance to attend at least one important cultural event every weekend. More information at https://kaunas2022.eu/en/

Please enjoy watching the tilm “Kaunas – one big stage for Europe” (click to view).

During conference week there will be many activities:

  • 18-20 May: European Capital of Culture Forum. The Kaunas 2022 European Capital of Culture Forum is the city’s effort to participate in building Europe’s future. This is a unique platform for leaders, academics, cultural professionals, and society at large.
  • 20 May: Courtyard Festival. The Courtyard Festival has become a traditional event to foster community-building and friendship among people living in the city of Kaunas and the surrounding region, and also an opportunity to celebrate International Neighbours’ Day. Event participants – communities, organizations, and neighbours – bring their chairs and tables to the city centre and set them with white tablecloths and flowers.
  • 20-22 May: Second Act: The Confluence. The Confluence is the second main event in the Contemporary Myth of Kaunas Trilogy. We invite you to one of Lithuania’s most impressive sites to encounter the contradictions that lie within all of us and celebrate unity together. Everyone will face the event with a water show on a scale never before seen in Lithuania, directed by British theatre director Chris Baldwin.

For more information on the programme of Kaunas 2022, please visit the official website.

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