The conference will be held in Portorož, Slovenia.

What to do in Portorož - Slovenia?

Sunbathing and relaxing in Portorož

The conference will be held in Portorož, a town on the Slovenian coast. Portorož is the most famous resort destination in Slovenia and home to many hotels, spas, cafes, restaurants and even three casinos. During the day, you can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and clean Mediterannean sea, while in the evening you can relax and dance the night away in one of the numerous bars.

The best ice cream is served in the bar Cacao right on the beach. They have something for everyone –  several tens of different flavours of ice cream, cakes, coffee or fancy lemonades. Although unassuming, very good seafood in Portorož can be found in the Fritolin.

If you feel like exploring the seaside more, there are several easily accessible interesting sights in the range of a few kilometers.

Wandering the old streets of Piran

Piran is quite different from Portorož. It is an old coastal town with Venetian architecture as it was under the rule of Venice from the 13th century until the end of Venetian Republic. The main square is called the Tartini square, by the famous violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who was born in Piran. Overlooking Piran is a church which offers excellent views. When you reach the church, you can continue walking uphill and reach the old town walls which offer the postcard view of the Piran peninsula. When wandering around Piran, you can enjoy narrow winding alleys with hidden small squares and beautiful houses. If you walk around the peninsula and then along the coast you can reach a nice small bay Fiesa. Piran is closed for traffic and there is a large parking garage 1 km before the town. From there, each 20 minutes there is a free shuttle bus to the Tartini square. From Portorož, you can reach Piran in a pleasant one hour walk along the coast.

In Piran, the restaurant ‘Pri Mari’ is famous for its delicious and affordable sea food. If you prefer to eat meat, the Balkan food restaurant ‘Sarajevo 84’ is also a great choice. For the pizza, our favourite place is Pizzeria Petica – try the original Italian pizza with mozzarela di buffala, tomatoes and basil. 

Observing salt production in Sečovlje saltworks

In Sečovlje, there are 650 ha of saltworks, where each day they produce around 50 tons of salt. They have a very long history as they were first mentioned already in the 9th century. The saltworks are open for visitors and you can observe traditional ways of making the salt.

Seča Park – Forma Viva

In Seča, there is an open-air park of art sculptures made by international artists who come each year to Slovenia to a symposium.

Observing cruise ships in Koper

Koper is the home to our largest (and only) port – Luka Koper, from where goods are transported all over Europe. In Koper also several cruise ships stop on their was around the Meditteranean sea. One of the famous sights in Koper is Praetorian palace which is a remarkable Venetian palace from the 16th century and was used as a city hall. Nowadays, it hosts city council and weddings.

Day trips

There are also several day trips possible, however it is recommended to have your own vehicle. You can find more ideas on the blog eatseetravel.net.

Written by Janja and Matevž, Slovenian bloggers from eatseetravel.net