How to prepare A PAPER presentation

Guidelines for preparing conference paper presentations

  • All submitted abstracts and papers must be presented at the conference.
  • Session chair manages the order of presentations in the session, moderates discussion and manages session time as a whole so it will conclude in time.
  • Oral paper presentations should be in duration of  7 to 10 minutes. There is also 2-5 minutes given for discussion and 1-minute turnaround time between speakers.
  • Paper presentations should be in English language.
  • Authors should prepare their oral presentations to be sure to convey their message in clear and sharp manner, including giving outline of the key principles, facts and results.
  • Bring your presentation on a USB memory stick (Flash drive) in MS-PowerPoint formats. You will plug it in the session room computer at the time of your presentation. (Alternatively, you can also bring it earlier, during the coffee/lunch breaks before your presentation and upload it in the right place in order to find it easily at the time of presentation). 

Setting up for a virtual presentation (online participants only)

  • Online participants can enter their selected virtual session room by clicking the appropriate session link on the conference schedule.
  • PowerPoint presentations should be shared by the presenters themselves by the use of ‘Share Screen’ option in Zoom during the session.  
  • The presenters should be present in their virtual room and have the technical equipment to be able to carry out the oral presentation and answer the questions asked by the participants present in the virtual room (microphone).

To make sure your virtual presentation goes smoothly you are required to:

  • Be online and available 15 minutes before the presentation. Join the appropriate virtual room.
  • Have a reliable and fast internet connection.
  • Test your microphone and video camera.
  • Have a non-distracting environment around you during the presentation. The room you are using should be both quiet and the background used as plain as possible.

How the presentation in a virtual room is conducted?

  • Virtual rooms are accessible through the conference schedule. The links are available also in the email sent to your mailbox one week before the conference.
  • You can enter virtual rooms by clicking the appropriate session published on the conference schedule.
  • Please, enter the virtual room 15 minutes before your presentation starts.
  • In each virtual room, there is a session chair coordinating the activities in the virtual session room (taking care of presentation order and session time, etc.). 
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